If you want to make good income from that business that you do, you have fill up your sales pipeline. How?? Follow the steps below (cc. Blair Singer)
1. Find people with money and need…. Don’t waste your time with those who cannot exchange with you. Identify a very specific niche and cater to it. Sales=income. Do business with those who contribute to generating good income.
2.Next, Approach and contact them. Learn the art of building rapport. Have meaningful discussions, ask questions, be interested. Go to their world first…. (this part is very important)
3. From talks with them, identify their problems and challenges, both technical and emotional.
4. Learn to be able to present your solution based upon what they tell you.
5. Give benefits of your solutions. Take the time to explain the value of your solutions based upon their problems. This is the most important part. If the person objects to ‘price’, it’s because you have not articulated enough Value.
6. So they have Objections? Turn those No into Yes— through lots of questions and digging out the truth.
7. Make a compelling offer and close the deal by learning how to ASK. Because if you don’t ask wisely, the answer is already NO.
8.After the sales, return to get great testimonials. Testimonials are great for marketing but also force you to make sure that you delivered on the promise you made during the sale…. Do not feel discouraged when after going you all these 7 steps and a sale is not made…. Good thing is you added a new entry into your sales pipeline… Keep filling it up and you would have a need for the list.

Hope this helps?